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I received an email from Book Sirens. Its a website where you read books and leave a review. You can either read ones that have already been published or you can read ones not yet released. You can even offer to be a beta reader. You have the option of charging authors/publicists, or offering your services in exchange for a free read of the book. The site is really easy to use. It allows you to customize your profile so that books recommended to you to review are tailored to your tastes. You have the choice to download the book as ePub, Mobi, or PDF (ePub=Nook, Mobi=Kindle, PDF=laptop, or anywhere really). You can choose to review books yourself, but there is also a feature, where authors can reach out to you personally to ask you to review their book. The customization for your taste in books is out of this world.

It gives you the option if you want to read a book that is part of a series or not, What genres you prefer, which you don’t, available formats (i.e. ePub, Mobi, etc.), if its self published or from a publishing house, how old the book is (not yet released, just released, published 90+ days ago), where the author prefers a review be left, and even how long the book is!

I just started reading a book titled, “The Paper Pusher” by Kaitlyn Lansing. I finished the first chapter and it is already spectacular. I will be leaving a more detailed review here once I finish, but the first chapter is stunning. It draws you in. The words are so poetic, and you really feel like you see the world through the main character’s eyes. When I say that I mean to say that the main character seems to be in an abusive/toxic household, but is confused about that fact. So far, very intriguing.

The book is available on Amazon currently (as I write this post): $23.52 for a hardcover, $9.99 for Kindle, and it is available on audible.

I haven’t yet left a review through the site, Book Sirens, but I will post again once I do.

So if you like reading and can articulate well, then you should definitely try Book Sirens out.

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