Things That Make Me Happy

This last year I’ve been focusing on gratitude. Whether that be towards the people in my life or the simple things in life. So here is a list of 22 things that make me happy. 22 things for each year I’ve been graced with life.

  1. Books, specifically Dean Koontz books and Samantha Hunt’s ‘The Seas‘ That woman has a way with words.
  2. My cat Pudy, I call her Pud for short. She is the cutest thing on this earth (right up there with my baby brother)
  3. Hot cups of tea. My favorite kinds are passion fruit, white, wild orange, and matcha. My favorite brand of tea currently is Tazo <3
  4. Lofi mixes on YouTube. I’ve recently been binging the bootleg boy’s mixes. They just fill me with content and peace and help to calm the anxiety inside of me.
  5. Coffee. It tastes so good. I’ve been spending my mornings talking with my dad while both of us sip a mug of it.
  6. Hot showers (or baths). I don’t like cold showers so I’m very thankful that I am able to have hot water. I have it practically scalding actually.
  7. Jessica. She is a godsend. I’m lucky enough to have found my soulmate in high school (to clarify, I mean soulmate in a platonic sense) though warm hugs from her are always welcome.
  8. My grandma Sharon. I just love her so much and am thankful for all the time I’ve gotten to spend with her.
  9. Miraculous Ladybug. Okay so some might claim this to be a dumb one, but this show helped me through a rough time. When I was at the point where I couldn’t leave the house without having a panic attack, this show was a comfort. It didn’t trigger any sadness or panic attacks much and I watched the crap out of it when I was trapped inside my home (due to mental illness)
  10. My baby (big boy) brother. Since I moved back in with my parents I was able to see my little brother grow up. I am thankful for all the time I got to spend with him that I wouldn’t have if I still lived on my own two hours away.
  11. Shan. He makes me laugh and smile. I am glad that God brought us together.
  12. My dad. His jokes are the best. He literally plays the long game. Waits days, weeks, months, sometimes years, to deliver the punch line. He recently had a revelation that he has made ‘situational comedy’ that occurs on television come to life, he has the patience to wait until he can finally say the punch line.
  13. God. If one good thing came out of 2020, it was that it brought me closer to God. I am thankful to have his presence in my life, to find comfort from him and to share my burdens with him.
  14. My baritone ukulele. When I feel upset or down, I can play my ukulele and it helps me process what I’m feeling and helps to feel better.
  15. My voice. I take it for granted. I love my voice, the way it laughs and the way it sings. I am very thankful for having a voice.
  16. My hands. Without my hands, I wouldn’t be able to a lot of the things I enjoy: playing my ukulele, painting, typing/writing, eating delicious food (especially with chopsticks), editing videos, even just operating a camera (DSLR)
  17. Long talks with my brother (the 15 year old one)
  18. Warm blankets. I hate being cold, warm fuzzy blankets ward that away
  19. The sun, its warm.
  20. Nights out on the town with my friends (usually wandering doing nothing.)
  21. The friends and connections I made while living in the cities
  22. Yummy food. My favorite being bulgogi mmm.

What makes you happy? What are you grateful for?

Happy New Year Everyone! God bless,


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